Level 2 Electrical Work is a specialised field within the electrical industry focusing on the supply side of the network (street power) .  A Level 2 electrician is the authorised person who integrates the supply  to your meter box,  which then energises your switchboard and home (known as the consumer side) ...

Sydney Level 2 focuses on all of Level 2 Electrical aspects. We have been providing the people of Sydney with our services for over a decade.

We are an accredited service provider (ASP) authorised by Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy the two supply authorities across Sydney allowing us to work on the network and service all suburbs within the metropolitan area.

Sydney Level 2 is authorised to perform work on all four categories of level 2 contestable work.

Sydney Level 2 Electrical

The point of attachment is the first point inside your property where the electricity enters and terminates from the network. This point may be either at your fascia board, at the apex of your roof structure, at the top of your private pole, in your private pillar or turret or at your switchboard. This category of our licence allows us to disconnect the power at this point to allow for work such as remedial works to associated structures, switchboard and equipment upgrades; consumerís mains fault rectification and upgrades, service upgrades, bracket upgrades to take place.
Power from the electricity network may enter your property via a few different methods one of which is via underground wiring. Some areas of Sydney, primarily new estates, new suburbs and the CBD , do not have an overhead electricity network where the power available from the electricity grid is located on an underground wiring network.
This is the most common method of supplying power to a property. This involves a direct overhead/aerial connection from your property (point of attachment) to the electricity distributors network. The majority of Sydney suburbs, have an overhead electricity network where the power available from the electricity grid is located on telegraph poles on the streets .

Once the power from the electricity network has entered your property via an overhead wiring system, an underground wiring system or a combination of both and has made its way to the meter box at this point the electricity consumption needs to be metered.

This category of our licence allows us to meter your energy usage via the installation of an electricity meter belonging to the supply authority and provide power to energise the wiring in your installation at the main switchboard. Anything before the "main circuit breaker/ main switch" requires a level 2 licence this includes main switch feed, service fuses, service neutral link, meters etc, anything beyond the "main circuit breaker/ main switch" can be worked on under a normal electricians licence this includes final circuits, earthing, consumers neutral link, switch board etc

Our specialised service is trusted  and used daily across Sydney by the general public attending to their needs for emergency repairs and upgrades, builders and developers requiring power relocations, temporary services for the construction period, metering for their new developments and  electricians requiring network connections, power poles and metering.

Our mission is to provide an excellent punctual service for your level 2 electrical requirements, at competitive prices without compromising quality or safety.

Our authorised personnel are continually being trained and provided with the up-to-the-minute equipment making it possible to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations and budgets with ease. Being able to complete the work is one thing our strict company managed safety plans and guidelines allow us to safely conduct our work whatever the circumstance, each job has variables and slightly different environmental attributes therefore continuous  revision and tailoring of our safety procedures is a must, every job is individually analysed and executed.

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